What are the most difficult jigsaw puzzles?

Jigsaw puzzles can be quite entertaining and generally regarded as a peaceful way to relax for a few hours. For those who love jigsaw puzzles and eager to take on a challenge, several difficult jigsaw puzzles are worth trying out. Read further to learn more about the most difficult jigsaw puzzles.

An overview of the most difficult jigsaw puzzles

There are many jigsaw puzzles out there that can be considered “hard”. It might be due to the number or size of the pieces or the pattern. Let’s take a look at some of the most difficult jigsaw puzzles that you can try out if you want a truly hard challenge.


With this jigsaw puzzle, it can be quite a challenge. The most popular version offers 2 levels of difficulty. On one side, there is a pattern comprised entirely of Brussel sprouts which while challenging enough on its own, is an introduction to a pattern on the reverse that requires you to recreate an image wholly of baked beans. The outstanding and almost monotonous nature of both pictures with a minimal color variation and limited clear graphic references makes this puzzle quite a handful.

Ravensberger Krypt

Ravensberger has been a well-known jigsaw brand and if you want to try out their ultimate test, the Ravensberger Krypt is the best choice. This is available in various metallic colors. The 654-piece challenge is completely monochromatic which leaves you with no points of orientation on where to begin and only a blank puzzle gazing back at you once completed. The puzzle is quite a challenge since the clever design starts with a traditional linear piece pattern that switches to circular. This can truly disrupt your vision if you stare at it for a long time.

Beverly Black/White Hell

Beverly is a Japanese company and although the company name might sound benign, two of their puzzles, namely Black Hell and White Hell are truly a challenge. These 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles incorporate micro-sized pieces aimed at only those who have nimble fingers and feature a single color design.


Aside from Impossipuzzles, the Impossibles Jigsaws offer a range of 750+ piece puzzles that do not have any edges and 5 false extra pieces. You have a wide selection of choices including dogs, tropical fish, birds, and even one dedicated to cows. The lack of edges and the red-herring pieces impart a nice twist for those who are eager to take on a slightly, unusual jigsaw challenge.

Clemens Habicht/Lamington Drive 1000 colours

This is a 1000-piece puzzle from Clemens Habicht. The 1000 individual parts vary in color. Although it might seem like a kaleidoscopic entity on the face of it, the creator supposes the puzzle will encourage people to utilize their “intuitive sense of color” to identify where the pieces will sit. The colors of the puzzle follow the CMYK system, however, given that many suffer from some form of color-blindness, the puzzle might trigger nausea, headaches, or simply frustration for all except for the most dedicated jigsaw puzzle lovers out there.

A close look at difficult jigsaw puzzles

Many manufacturers of jigsaw puzzles have come up with sneaky ways to make their creations a workout for the mind. In most instances, an evident change is by increasing the number of pieces in the puzzles. An image comprised of a few dozen parts is easier to assemble than if that same image was cut into hundreds or even thousands of smaller pieces.

In the past, most would start a jigsaw puzzle by selecting all the straight edges and identifying the 4 corner pieces, but with the introduction of circular and 3D jigsaws, it meant that there is no longer an easy starting point.

The traditional jigsaw puzzles tend to consist of a picture in which the subject manner is both interesting and readily recognizable and arranged into individual elements by color, shape, and texture. This makes it easy to identify the pieces which belong together. As a way to move past this easy route, puzzles now are made with minimal or no obvious delineation, depending on an vivid pattern of identical or strikingly similar images to confuse and distract the eye.  

What is the hardest 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle?

When it comes to the hardest 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, you can find a good selection ranging from a transparent-piece puzzle that strikingly resembles smashed glass to a 1000-piece puzzle made out of one color.

Beverly micro pure white hell jigsaw puzzle

This puzzle might not seem enticing, but it can keep you busy due to its high level of difficulty. It is made from 1,000 “micro” pieces but are all in the same color, which makes it even more complicated. The puzzle is 38 x 26 cm once completed and composed of “oddly-shaped interlocking and tessellating pieces”.

Yell Design the accident jigsaw

With this jigsaw puzzle, it will get your heart racing with its clear acrylic pieces that seem to look like broken glass. The pattern makes it hard to know whether your piece is positioned the right way up and there are no typical clues you get with the traditional puzzles. The puzzle is dubbed “the accident” which looks like a disaster, but the design is strictly calculated.

Gradient jigsaw puzzle for adults

You can add a touch of color to your living room with this large-sized jigsaw. It is made from 1,000 pieces and this one is “surprisingly intuitive” to finish. According to the seller, you need to follow the subtle color changes to work through the puzzle. This art-inspired puzzle is one of the relaxing options in the challenging category.

Impuzzible candy balls 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

With this puzzle, it can awaken your inner sweet tooth and make your eyes teary at the same time. The puzzle is comprised of 1,000 pieces with images of miniature sweets which makes it difficult to figure out.

What is considered a hard jigsaw puzzle

For a jigsaw puzzle to be considered hard, it has a high challenging level along with hundreds or even thousands of pieces to figure out.

Among adults, it is within their mental and physical capability to form a jigsaw of astonishing intricacy but this is not the same for children. The recommendations for different age groups are the following:

  • 18 months to 2 years old – 15 pieces or less
  • 2 to 3 years old –  starting at 15 – 30 pieces
  • 4 to 5 years old – starting at 30 to 80 pieces
  • 6 to 12 years old – 80 to 1,000 pieces

Selecting a jigsaw puzzle for children is based on their developing abilities but among adults, it is based on the individual’s enthusiasm. The objective is to find a puzzle that is stimulating enough to be regarded as “difficult” but not so tricky that it is seen as “impossible”. Let’s take a look at several factors to consider when it comes to the level of difficulty.

  • Total number of pieces
  • Coloring of the jigsaw puzzle
  • Individual sizes of the pieces. Larger pieces are easier to assemble since the brain can take in more clues on where they fit.
  • The figure of the pieces. Based on a general ruling, the simplest jigsaw puzzles are those that have identical corners both ways. The medium level is those that have matching corners one way while the hardest level has matching corners neither way.

Is there a million piece puzzle

The jigsaw puzzle with the greatest number of pieces comprised of 551,232 pieces. When it was completed, it reached an total dimension of 14.85 x 23.20 m by 1,600 students from the University of Economics of Ho Chi Minh City. The puzzle was completed at Vietnam back on September 24, 2011.

The puzzle portrayed a lotus flower that has six petals as a symbolic depiction of the six fields of knowledge envisioned by the Mindmap study technique. The students worked for up to 17 hours to initially break up the 3,132 sections where each contains 176 pieces. The puzzle has been divided and re-assembled until it was completed.

Final thoughts

When it comes to the most difficult jigsaw puzzles, there are a variety of choices to choose from. If you are up for a challenge especially when stuck at home or simply want to challenge yourself, you can check out online where you can find a good selection of jigsaw puzzles. With the selection of the most difficult jigsaw puzzles described, they will surely give you a challenge but worth it once you fit in the last piece.